Pivoting to Blend Creativity into a Professional Career with Guest Amanda Hill

October 6, 2022 / Mom &… Podcast Episode 91 / Guest: Amanda Hill

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Show Summary:

What ISN’T Amanda Hill? She embodies the idea of making our ellipses count. It was so fun to welcome her to the podcast this week, and talk about her career path, her passions, and how she weaves creativity throughout everything she does. Even Wednesdays – yes, the day of the week – get special treatment in Amanda’s world! 

Her latest venture, Guard My Practice, is a brand new business, and we discuss the roller coaster of emotions that goes with putting yourself, your ideas, and your money on the line. Amanda also shares some funny stories from the medical world that will make you glad your doctor wears pants. You just have to listen.

More About Amanda Hill:

Amanda is a mom &… writer, home-farmer, and healthcare attorney in Austin, Texas. She worked for the U.S. Government defending large hospitals before becoming General Counsel for several large groups. She has worked with physicians and health care management her entire career, providing guidance, training, and counsel. Amanda authored the Fraud and Abuse Manual as well as Build your Compliance Plan for the Texas Medical Association.

In 2015, Amanda founded her own law firm specializing in Outsourced General Counsel services for healthcare organizations and specializes in physician practices in Texas.  

In 2022, she launched a new company, and Guard My Practice was born. This new venture provides 15-minute videos on topics that affect physicians to help them feel safe and protected.  

On a personal note, Amanda writes humor and heartfelt essays. She has written two novels, and in her free time she loves cooking, gardening, and talking to her chickens. Amanda is also a mother and stepmother, and takes great pride in humiliating her children on a daily basis.  

Topics From This Episode

  • Being okay with not knowing the answer
  • Facing fears
  • Launching a business
  • Perspective – how it can drive us forward or halt our progress
  • Mentorship
  • Celebrating the everyday
  • Parenting teens
  • Self care

Connect with Amanda:

Look, Listen, Learn


  • Updating her resume
  • Good One podcast – Kevin Smith episode
  • Importance of relationships, connections, and networking


  • Abbott Elementary
  • Looking at and learning about everything related to launching a business


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