Menopause in the Workplace

April 7, 2022 / Mom &… Podcast Episode 65 / Guest: Pat Duckworth Subscribe & Review Wherever You Listen to Podcasts Show Summary “We could talk about this all day!” –Missy and Susanne to Pat Duckworth What is this? It’s menopause, baby.  This is an episode for everyone. Really, everyone. You’re either going to experience…

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Midlife Bites: Is Anyone Else Falling Apart or is it Just Me? With Guest, Jen Mann

January 13, 2022 / Mom &… Podcast Episode 53 / Guest: Jen Mann, Author, Midlife Bites Use the links below to download and subscribe wherever you listen to podcasts. Show Summary Jen Mann is on her way to the Mom &… Podcast guest Hall of Fame. She’s back for her second visit, this time to…

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Tipsy Ellipses – Fitness in Menopause Facebook Live

Watch This Episode On Our YouTube Channel Tipsy Ellipses: October 2021, featuring Maria Luque, PhD If you’ve followed us for any time, and have ever joined us for a Tipsy Ellipses episode, you know that usually, we sit – cocktail in hand – and talk with our guests. Not this month! For October’s Tipsy episode,…

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