The 15 Minute Formula for Productivity & Goal Setting with Cara Harvey

January 27, 2022 / Mom &… Podcast Episode 55 / Guest: Cara Harvey, Author of The 15 Minute Formula Listen & Subscribe Using the Links Below Show Summary Cara Harvey returns to the Mom &… Podcast to talk about her new book, The 15 Minute Formula: How Busy Moms Can Ditch the Guilt, Say Yes…

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5 Steps to Streamlining Your Workload

November 18, 2021 / Mom &… Podcast Episode 45 / Guest: Whitnee Hawthorne, The Savvy Working Mom Show Summary When Whitnee’s first child was born, she went back to work and almost immediately realized that what worked before didn’t come close to working anymore. Even with a supportive husband, she found that doing it all…

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