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Tipsy Ellipses: October 2021, featuring Maria Luque, PhD

If you’ve followed us for any time, and have ever joined us for a Tipsy Ellipses episode, you know that usually, we sit – cocktail in hand – and talk with our guests. Not this month! For October’s Tipsy episode, we grabbed water bottles and spandex, left our comfort zones behind, and talked Fitness in Menopause with Dr. Maria Luque.

It was so much fun! Maria is knowledgeable (understatement), funny, and warm. She has such a positive energy, and by the end of the episode we were feeling excited about menopause. That’s right. Excited. Encouraged. Emboldened. 

Maria walked us through some simple, no-equipment-needed exercises that we can all do every day. We also talked about mental health and nutrition needs in menopause. 

Back to those exercises… if you have never checked out our YouTube channel, now is the time. For one thing, you will get to see us look pretty silly as we attempt exercises while conducting an interview. More importantly, though, you can see Maria properly demo those exercises.

We recommend checking out Maria’s social channels (links below) for daily health and fitness information. We’ve been following her for a while now, and look forward to her posts every day.

About Maria

Dr. Maria Luque is a fitness expert, health science professor, menopause nerd, and busy mother passionate about sharing knowledge and helping women lead healthier, happier lives. She’s the creator of Fitness in Menopause, a company dedicated to helping women navigate the challenges and rewards of menopause. During her service in the U.S. Air Force, she had the opportunity to serve as the Fitness Program Manager, which encouraged her to pursue her passion for health and education. She currently holds both graduate and post-graduate degrees in health sciences and certifications as Certified Health Education Specialist and ACE Certified Personal Trainer. Dr. Luque is an IDEA Fitness Association presenter and fitness expert and teaches workshops for fitness professionals. Her course “Menopausal Fitness: Training the Menopausal Client” is a NASM, AFAA, and ACE- accredited continuing education course for fitness professionals. She teaches at the College of Health and Human Services at Trident University International and is a freelance writer for fitness publications.

Connect with Maria:

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