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Episode 38: Ann Imig

A decade ago, we met Ann Imig through LISTEN TO YOUR MOTHER, a stage production of live readings, all centered around motherhood. We say this in the episode, but we can’t say it enough: being part of the LISTEN TO YOUR MOTHER movement changed our lives, and led to connections that we will value forever.

These days, Ann has pivoted, but she’s still listening. Ann is now a positive psychology coach, and her company is Listen Life Coaching. She took us through her decision-making process to become a coach, and why the positive psychology model spoke to her. 

We talked about our amazing, malleable brains. Did you know that 50% of our disposition is predetermined? If that sounds like terrible news, listen and find out why it’s not so bad.

One of our favorite takeaways was that you can pivot toward curiosity, or gratitude, and actually make changes in your brain. We love that! We talked about change and growth, and not just in a feely, sunshine and rainbows way, but in a practical, real life way. We get into hope and growth, and trusting ourselves. Whew, that concept is a big one.

If you’re feeling stuck, give this episode a listen. If you’re frustrated with yourself, give this episode a listen. If you have no idea what you’re feeling, give this episode a listen.

More About Ann

Ann is a Certified Positive Psychology Coach, Masters of Social Work, creative multi-hyphenate, and LISTEN TO YOUR MOTHER show founder. 

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