Coaching, Resilience and Growth Mindset with Olympian Brendan Hansen

June 14, 2024 / Mom &… Podcast Episode 138/ Guest: Brendan Hansen

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Show Summary:

In this episode of the Mom &… Podcast, hosts Susanne Kerns and Missy Stevens introduce guest Brendan Hansen, a six-time Olympic medalist and renowned swimmer. They discuss Hansen’s illustrious swimming career and accomplishments, including his role as team captain of multiple U.S. Olympic teams. Hansen shares his journey from childhood swimming in Pennsylvania to becoming a leading figure in the sport. The hosts and Hansen delve into parenting insights, emphasizing the importance of water safety, fostering resilience in children, and the significance of maintaining a growth mindset. Hansen also discusses his current role as the Director of Team Services at USA Swimming, and his experiences raising three daughters while advocating for their empowerment and participation in youth sports. The episode wraps up with the hosts and Hansen exchanging personal recommendations in their ‘Look, Listen, Learn’ segment.

  • 00:00 Introduction to the Podcast
  • 01:04 Meet Brendan Hansen: Olympic Swimmer
  • 02:44 Brendan’s Early Swimming Journey
  • 05:47 The Importance of Being Coachable
  • 13:18 Growth Mindset and Perseverance
  • 22:47 Challenges in Youth Sports
  • 30:26 Raising Strong-Willed Daughters
  • 32:05 The Rise of Women’s Sports
  • 32:39 Instilling Confidence and Resilience
  • 34:30 Behind the Scenes: Olympic Stories
  • 34:45 The Power of Belief: Katie Ledecky’s Journey
  • 38:28 Engaging Corporate Speeches and Leadership
  • 39:23 Look, Listen, Learn: Personal Insights
  • 45:46 Fun and Educational Family Activities
  • 50:27 Concluding Thoughts and Farewell

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