How a “Family Business Plan” Can Help You Achieve Your Personal Goals

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Episode 35: Danielle Bettmann

Our guest this week is an early childhood specialist. Wait! We know you’re here for mom-related content, and we guarantee this episode brings it.

Danielle Bettmann puts her whole heart into her work. Her company is even named Wholeheartedly. She wants families to have the tools needed for success, and if you’re still thinking, “This sure sounds like parenting content…” we ask you to give it a listen. We were making emoji faces by the end, specifically, the one with eyes like this: 0_0 and the one doing a facepalm. We learned so much, and we were in awe of A. What we didn’t know or hadn’t thought of before, and B. All the applications to the concept of being a Mom &…

We talk about creating a Family Business Plan, and bringing the same intentionality to our families that we bring to work. Part of creating a plan for your family is incorporating your own wellbeing and your professional goals. If you’ve hung around our podcast for any time, you know values are a big deal, and Danielle talked to us about incorporating those values into our Family Business Plans.

As moms, we often put ourselves last. Danielle encourages finding what makes you, you. She helped us look at the concept of following passions as something productive, and necessary, rather than as a luxury. 

(And as a little bonus, Danielle basically provided us with a mini-counseling session during which we both had revelations that will help us in moving forward. Wooohooo!)

More About Danielle

Danielle Bettmann is an early childhood educator, parenting coach and founder of Wholeheartedly. Her coaching teaches families with strong-willed littles how to manage tantrums, eliminate power struggles, and get on the same parenting page. Mom to two young girls, Danielle offers a blend of lived experience and educational training and understands the need for sanity + solutions. She helps parents extend their patience, rewire their mindset and write a Family Business Plan to foster empathy, empowerment and resilience in both children and their parents. Danielle also hosts the Failing Motherhood podcast, aiming to normalize the struggle and share vulnerable stories.

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