Dog Fans Bonus Mini-sode with Mecca Brown & … PUPPIES!

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Bonus Episode: Mecca Brown

As so often happens, we start talking with our amazing guests and WE CANNOT STOP TALKING! Mecca Brown, (featured in Episode #26) is now breeding goldendoodle and poodle puppies, and has a litter at her house. We got carried away talking about all things dog-related, and thought you’d enjoy the conversation, too. Plus, if you go check out the video at our YouTube Channel you get to see a dog cameo and LOTS of pics.

The dogs have their own Instagram, so be sure to check it out: @ohmgee_doodles

More About Mecca

Mecca Brown is the founder of “Career on Fire,” a program that empowers women across the country to get clear about their career goals. After working through the program they elevate their visibility to potential employers, and have the confidence to see themselves in more fulfilling roles in their choice of organizations. Mecca is an expert at it, and will walk you through the process every step of the way.

When she’s  not being a busy bee at work, Mecca can be found with her family, enjoying a movie, visiting a foodie destination, or getting away for vacation. Other things that bring her joy: all things nerd, Beyoncé, or movie-related. Mecca’s current obsessions include the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Disney, Game of Thrones, and of course, the TV show Supernatural.

Our Look Listen Learn discussion can be found in the original Episode 25 Show Notes.

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