Give Yourself Permission to Take That Next Step

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Episode 34: Carolyn Turkington / MomBabes

Carolyn Turkington is one half of The MomBabes. She and her sister, Christina, launched this project after experiencing the ups-and-downs of motherhood during the early days, while simultaneously grieving the loss of their father. Carolyn says they are living out their dad’s 10th inning (you have to listen to get the full picture of that analogy), and we think that’s a beautiful legacy.

We talk a lot about DOING THE THING, a theme that’s run through many of our episodes this summer. When the universe hands us something over and over again, we eventually pay attention. We’re slow sometimes, but not entirely oblivious. Over the last couple months, the message we are getting is, don’t wait. Don’t Wait. 

Our discussion with Carolyn will have you jumping up, and getting started on whatever the thing is. This, right here (meaning, the episode), is your permission to do it.

And if you’re reading this, thinking, oh, sure, but HOW? We talk about that. Carolyn has some strategies, including a fantastic daily practice to help you get your priorities straight. Christina coined a term that we love: you can have it all, but you can’t do it all. During this episode we discuss why that idea works for moms.

More About Carolyn and The MomBabes

Carolyn Turkington, and her sister, Christina Walsh, are Moms and… sisters, podcasters, founders of The MomBabes community, and authors of their debut book, The MomBabes: A Motherhood Anthology

Co-winners of the World’s Okay-est Mom Award, Christina and Carolyn are the friends every mom deserves. They aren’t parenting experts, they’re real women using their personal desires for connection to build a community of women through sharing stories. The sisters keep busy working and wife-ing, while chasing their kids and their dreams – all without spilling their coffee.

Our Looks, Listens, and Learns 


  • The movie, Elf, and how it relates to Susanne’s sex ed testimony to the Texas State Board of Education. (You read that right.)
  • How to remove mystery stains from stone work. Are the stains bird poop? Or squirrel pee? The world may never know.



  • The Guncle by Steven Rowley
  • Learning about the complications of covid testing availability

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Musical NotesOur delightfully happy intro and outro theme music, “We Will Get Through This” is performed by Young Presidents, and used under license from Shutterstock.