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Episode 1.9: Jenny Remington, Habits

This week is the second part of our conversation with Jenny Remington. Basically, we had a blast talking to her about StrengthsFinder and got carried away. The next thing we knew, we were talking about habits and realized we had a second episode on our hands.

The topic of habits is something that comes up a lot when we chat. We both have responsibilities to our families, our friends, the non-profits we passionately support, the boards we sit on, our jobs, our hobbies-turned-passion projects, and… ourselves. 

It’s a lot to fit in a day. Sometimes it’s a lot to fit in many, many days. 

Good habits go a long way in making it all work.

We both struggle to give up the bad habits and make the good ones stick. Missy fesses up to some of the things she is personally struggling with (good times, admitting all of that).

This episode is sort of a habits primer, and we’re building a future, longer episode around the topic. We’d love feedback from our community, so leave us a message on the What’s Your Question page or on any of our socials with answers to:

  1. What is your greatest struggle when it comes to building good habits?
  2. Do you have bad habits that you don’t feel fully ready to give up?
  3. Or, bad habits that you are OVER, but can’t seem to kick?
  4. If you’ve read Atomic Habits, what concepts from the book helped you?
  5. What do you want to ask a future habits-guru guest on our show?

Our LLLs



The Truman Show


Evvie Drake Starts Over by Linda Holmes, host of Pop Culture Happy Hour podcast


Hidden Brain podcast

Connect with Jenny:


Instagram: @coachjennyrem 



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Musical Notes

Our delightfully happy intro and outro theme music, “We Will Get Through This” is performed by Young Presidents, and used under license from Shutterstock.

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