Master Your Money & Career Break Challenges

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This week we are un-taboo-ing (that’s a thing, right?) an often taboo subject: money. Our guest is Janice Scholl, the host of The Money, Career & Motherhood Podcast. Choose from the icons above to listen and subscribe wherever you listen to podcasts.

If you would like to watch the video version of this episode, it is available on our YouTube channel here.

We know we say this every week, but we could have talked to Janice all day long.* She is so wise, and turned a conversation about money into the most relaxed, fun conversation we’ve ever had about finances.

We wish we’d met Janice 15 years ago, when our first-borns were babies. We didn’t know each other then, yet we were on similar paths. Susanne was a marketing executive, and Missy was a corporate community relations expert-turned-freelance marketing writer. And then we had babies.

Thanks to immense privilege, we both made a conscious decision to quit or cut back at work, so that we could stay home with our children. Those decisions, however, were not without hefty amounts of angst, self-doubt, and many, MANY questions. If only we’d had Janice to guide us.

There is good news, though: we – and you – have Janice now! This episode is only the beginning, and we hope to have her back again. Many money matters get covered in this hour… but we don’t even come close to talking about everything. If you have any questions for Janice, definitely send them to us so we can answer them next time around.

A little more about our guest:

In addition to the podcast, Janice is a coach and speaker. She helps professional and business-owner moms master their money and career break challenges. Her work helps moms feel confident, while building a strong financial foundation for their family.

Janice is passionate about illuminating the work-life struggle that causes working mothers to leave professional jobs to raise their families, and she has created Strategic Sabbaticals, a coaching program designed to amplify the growth and opportunity women find through a career break, ensuring a successful return to paid work.

*Side effect of having AMAZING guests. They are all lovely to talk to, and that means we will never, ever have a short episode.

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