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Episode 1.4: Jen Mann

Episode summary:​ 

This week we talk with the author, Jen Mann, about work-life balance, raising teenagers, knowing who we are, traveling mishaps, and more. We also do the second installment of Look, Listen, Learn, in which we decide the name is sticking. 

Some of the Topics we covered this week:

Set up your day to make it work for you. [TS 5:35] Jen Mann talks about time blocking, and how it allows her to write, publish, manage social media, while also raising a family, volunteering, and having some free time to look at whales on social media.

Identity and where we fit in. [TS 7:50] Jen talks about starting her blogging and writing career as a result of feeling lonely and not fitting in. It’s a topic we think a lot of moms will relate to.

The ever-shifting realities of parenting. [TS 12:40] Jen’s kids, along with Susanne’s and Missy’s, are all tweens and teens now, requiring a different kind of hands-on parenting. Jen talks about finding new ways – and new times – to connect with older kids.

Don’t forget who you are. [TS 17:45] The soundbite of the show comes when Jen talks about what she learned while writing her upcoming book about midlife (coming from Random House in 2022). One of her major takeaways was to remember who she is, and not focus on the noise or spend time making comparisons. She said trouble starts when, “I forget who I am.”

People Jen wants to punch in the throat while traveling (her latest book). [TS 30:25] Fun travel and car rental stories. 

Other Resources That Came Up

People/Books/Etc. we mentioned:

  • TikTok comes up a few times – loads of really funny content for women our age, but it’s bothering our kids that we’ve found the app.
  • The great Nora Ephron gets a mention.

Look, Listen, Learn [TS 35:45]




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