June Tipsy Ellipses “Father’s Day Edition” with Our Brothers

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Tipsy Ellipses: June 2021, featuring Matt Evans and Michael Lewis

For our June Facebook Live, aka Tipsy Ellipses, we welcomed our brothers to talk all things Dad &….

Matt Evans (Missy’s brother) is a dad and dot, dot, dot equine veterinarian, artist, and stand up comedian. He is a native Austinite who got his undergrad and Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine at Texas A&M University. He is married to the world’s most patient woman, Ellen, and they have two daughters (the two most amazing, and Missy’s very favorite, nieces!).

Michael Lewis (Susanne’s brother) is a dad and dot, dot, dot sports writer at the Salt Lake City Tribune for almost 20 years, where he covered everything from college sports, to the Utah Jazz, during which he wrote, “To the Brink” and covered SEVEN Olympic Games. Since 2012 he has been a full time SAH-Dad to the two most amazing nieces in the world, the highlight of which is “that yelling at the kids counts as both work AND leisure.”

We talked and talked, and our brothers were so accommodating with our gameshow-esque quiz. We hope they’ll come back again some day, because this episode was a lot of fun for us!

(Note: Susanne and Missy both claim to have the world’s greatest nieces. All that means is that our nieces are, clearly, in a four-way tie, and will remain so forever and ever.)

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