The Sandwich Generation – Practicing Self-Care While Caring for Everyone Around You

February 24, 2022 / Mom &… Podcast Episode 59 / Guest: Kay Newton, The Midlife Strategist

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Show Summary

Kay Newton is The Midlife Strategist, focusing on simplicity and support to help women find their spark in this new phase. She shared her story, including how she took a ship from her home in northern England to Spain, and never looked back.

We talked about taking chances and seizing opportunities that come our way. Kay doesn’t see herself as a coach, as she’s not out to fix you. Instead, her goal is to help you strategize ways to be the best YOU, overcoming the obstacles and embracing the opportunities.

Kay explained her Table of Life Toolkit (get it on her website!) and schooled us on the beauty of coddiwomple. You have to listen for the details on that one! We also talked about what it’s like to be in the sandwich generation, caring for both our children and our aging parents. Kay is full of wisdom, and said several things that we’d like to embroider on a pillow. Or tattoo on our foreheads. We hope you’ll walk away with some wise words to tattoo on hearts.

More About Kay

Kay loves to inspire people around the world to live midlife on their terms, full of fun and vigor. 

As a Midlife Strategist and author, Kay is passionate about simplicity. She loves to create and hold space where an individual or group can master their own purpose in life. No magic, weird stuff, pills or potions, just plain practical down to earth, common-sense. 

Kay loves beach-combing for plastic, walking the Mallorcan mountains, and expanding her own horizons, which in turn she shares with others. She has practiced Tai-Chi for over ten years, loves her family ferociously, and adores creating yummy nutritional food for whoever happens to be at the table.

Topics From This Episode

  • Sandwich generation
  • Midlife
  • Connections
  • Word of the Year
  • Self Care
  • Mental Health
  • Adventure
  • Reducing our possessions

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