How to Remove the “Crisis” from Midlife

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Episode 20: Lisa Levine

Lisa Levine had a non-crisis midlife crisis (if you’re going to have one, that sounds like the way to do it). She found herself sitting in meetings, thinking,”This is not what I want to talk about.” A longtime fan of Martha Beck, Oprah’s life coach, Lisa realized coaching training was the path for her. Ultimately, she wrote the book on the no-crisis way to embrace this phase of life, Midlife No Crisis: An Audacious Guide to Embracing 50 and Beyond.

NOTE: Lisa was kind enough to create a landing page just for Mom &… Podcast listeners, where you can find Lisa’s Top 7 Tips for Living Audaciously. We didn’t want the link to get buried, so here it is!

Okay, back to show notes…

We had an inspiring, meaningful conversation about making self discovery a manageable process. It doesn’t have to be a nebulous impossibility. Instead, Lisa has great tips for breaking down the process. 

One of our favorite takeaways was that we have to recognize and acknowledge our lizard voice/lizard brain for what it is, and learn how to move forward in spite of that lizard tendency. We are currently working on naming our lizards. Listen to the episode… we promise it makes sense.

If you’re ready to get in touch with your whole self, this episode is for you. Lisa teaches us about the Body Compass. It takes practice, but good news: you can start today (we love a process that doesn’t require hours of instruction before you can launch into it). 

More About Lisa

Lisa is a Certified Life and Health Coach at Audacious Health and Wellness. She helps women who are approaching midlife to create new and healthy habits in the way they think, eat, sleep and move, empowering them to live their lives fully and audaciously. Originally from the East Coast, she currently resides in Seattle spending much of her time writing, drinking matcha, overusing emojis, parentheses and punctuation, enjoying the beauty of the Pacific NorthWest and playing in the kitchen, creating healthy fare for her family and friends. 

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