Balancing Mental and Physical Health While Pursuing Your Passion with Michelle Garrett

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Episode 17: Michelle Garrett

Please Note:

This episode contains a discussion around depression, with a reference to self-harm and suicide which may be difficult for some listeners. If you need resources for yourself or someone you love, please visit or call the National Suicide Prevention Hotline at 800-273-8255.

We are honored, and so grateful, that Michelle joined us on the Mom &… Podcast to share her story.  You can watch the video version of this episode, and all of our episodes over at our YouTube channel.

Becoming a parent does not erase our big dreams and goals, nor does it magically heal those living with mental or physical health challenges. Michelle knows, from personal experience, that balancing all of this can be devastatingly difficult. She is a survivor, and now shares what she has learned to help other women.

Her words lifted us, encouraged us, and gave us hope. One of our major takeaways was that we must listen to our gut, whether it’s a nudge to stop and care for ourselves, or an intuition that tells us someone in our life needs help.

More about our guest:

Michelle Garrett is a mom and… wife, mental health advocate, and founder of Divas With a Purpose, where she helps female entrepreneurs embrace their inner diva and find the “right for them” balance between family, life, and work.

What we love about Michelle is her ability to cut through the fluff and identify the specific actions women need to take to be successful. She knows that as women with families, time is precious and making the most of it is vital. She helps her clients create daily routines for consistency and productivity that meet the unique demands of their lives. 

Ultimately, Michelle’s goal is to provide women in business the peace of mind by being able to balance family, life, and work in a way that feels good for them. Links to her social media accounts, books, Soul Refresh sets and courses are below.

Topics, People, Etc. That Come Up in This Episode

Our Look, Listen, Learns (this week, we have some way, way backs!)




  • Susanne re-learned about being an ally, and not making the oppressed person do all of the work. It’s something she knew, but it’s always good to hear it again. Not every person in a marginalized community is an activist. Don’t expect your one gay friend to be your educator; don’t make them do the work. She gave one of our former guests, Kelly Rippon, a shout out, too.

Connect with Michelle:

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