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Episode summary:​ 

In this episode, we talk to enneagram enthusiast, Jill Johnson, about how to zero-in on our Enneagram numbers, and then how to put that information to work on our quest for self-knowledge and growth.

Some of the Topics we covered this week:

Enneagram Institute and tests [TS 3:50] 

You have to be ready for some self-reflection and reading to fully know your number.

Our guesses on numbers [TS 4:45] 

Susanne thought she was a 9, and now thinks maybe she is a 6. Missy initially thought she was a 6 and now believes she’s a 9. 

On getting confused and how to narrow it down [TS 5:18] 

A lot of numbers are easily confused, so you have to look at motivation.

Growth/Stress [TS 5:45] 

How different numbers move around the enneagram, and why we shouldn’t focus on our wings just yet.

Using your approach to conflict to narrow down your number [TS 6:25]

Are you Complimentary? (1, 2, 6) – Tend to work together with others to find a solution.

Are you Withdrawing? (4, 5, 9) – Tend to be in their own world, and avoid talking to people about problems.

Are you Aggressive? (7, 8, 3) – Tend to charge ahead and  move on, whether people are with them or not.

Knowing your stance helps eliminate six other numbers pretty quickly.

Why we relate to certain numbers. [TS 8:38]

We start breaking down the things about us that help us relate to the numbers we think we are.

Relationship to time [TS 13:30]

What does “relationship to time” even mean?

Sixes are present-focused, nines are past-focused

How to zero in on motivation [TS 16:30]

Nines have a hard time naming what they need. 

Jill laments the sheer number of resources out there, but recommends Beth McCord on instagram with great graphics.

Can your number change? [TS 18:39]

In a word: No. Your number is your lens, and you were born with it.

Typing people you know [TS 19:30] 

You might think you know someone well enough to type them, but you have to understand motivation to really know. Sidebar: Missy hates the sloth part of nine, but she gets it. 

Getting a spouse on board [TS 23:00]

We discuss ideas for bringing up the enneagram and incorporating it into life, like taking a road trip and playing an enneagram audio book, or playing a podcast with the person’s favorite celebrity talking about the enneagram. Sidebars about dry January (what a joke this year) and how nines (Missy) can often express their needs when they feel safe.

Resources That Came Up

People/Books/Etc. we mentioned:

Look, Listen, Learn [TS 29:17]



  • Ted Lasso rewatch (Sidebar: Jill thinks Ted is an Enneagram 7)
  • The Road Back to You audiobook
  • Focusing on learning about herself: “I am excited about the scariness of it.”


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