Reclaim Your Confidence by Identifying Your Superhero Skill Set

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Episode 23: Morgan Seaman, This Empowered Mom

Morgan Seaman loved her job, and loved being a working mom. After eight years of balancing work and parenthood, though, she felt like there could be a better way to approach things. Morgan sought coaching and counseling for herself, and that led to the birth of This Empowered Mom.

Women, especially moms, struggle with confidence more than any of us would like to admit. Morgan’s coaching helps moms rediscover their confidence, so they can make the best decisions about career and family. One of our favorite takeaways from this episode is: eliminate the word just from your vocabulary. You’re not just doing a thing, or just a mom. You’re so much more (as we say in our intro, you’re a mom and so much more!).

We talked about naming and owning your superpowers. Oh, you have them, trust us. Morgan has brilliant advice around crafting your story and knowing who you are, superpowers and all. Another favorite moment was the idea of taking a compliment, and embracing it, like the five-year-old you would have.

We’re keeping this a No Spoiler Zone, but you must listen to the section about reframing the shoulds. It’s good stuff. (Around 23:30)

More About Morgan

Morgan is a certified Master Life Coach, respected speaker, and founder of This Empowered Mom Coaching and Consulting, where she is a lifeline to mothers who are leaders in their field. She specializes in helping women rediscover four domains of “Self:” Self-Management, Self-Agency, Self-Compassion, and Self-Care, so they can make decisions from a place of confidence and start feeling empowered again. With a passion for motherhood and mothers in the workforce, she believes that working makes her a better mom, and being a mom makes her a better leader.

She loves comedy, gummy candy, donuts, the original Beverly Hills 90210, running three miles at a time, dancing, and getting up before anyone else in her house. As a mother of two kiddos under 10, she has missed important meetings with sick kids at home; missed school events for big presentations; lived through loss; and celebrated every little milestone. She has a bachelor’s degree in psychology from Whittier College and spent 16 years as a leader in the clinical research industry. In that time, she was promoted through the ranks from Research Associate to Director – leading global teams and multi-million-dollar clinical trials. She utilizes various coaching methodologies, leadership techniques, and draws from her personal experience to deliver life-changing information, perspectives and strategies to her clients. 

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