Are you a Hummingbird or a Jackhammer? With Guest Natalia Tamburini

September 8, 2022 / Mom &… Podcast Episode 87 / Guest: Natalia Tamburini

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Show Summary:

After achieving success in several fields, Natalia Tamburini pursued a new path in coaching. She now thrives on helping people learn to enjoy and find fulfillment in their work, without putting pressure on finding that ONE PERFECT THING. We talked about cross-pollinating by bringing all of our varied skills and interests to the table in every job or volunteer role. Natalia talked us through how she helps her clients begin to figure out what they want, and how exercises like Vision Boarding can help.

More About Natalia Tamburini:

Natalia is from Buenos Aires, but has also lived in San Diego, Los Angeles, and now, Madrid. 

After years of feeling the pressure to check boxes and do what was expected of her, she dove into working with a coach to explore what kind of life she wanted and learned to define what success meant to her. Through this experience she learned the importance of identifying the beliefs and expectations that hold us back, and creating boundaries and habits that support the type of life we want to live.  As a life coach, she loves supporting clients as they ‘reset and rebuild’ to design a life that’s aligned with their core truth.

She believes that there is no such thing as a “normal” life and that the templates of a “successful life” don’t work for most people. Instead, she believes we have all the power to create a life that we love. 

More About Ama La Vida:

Check out Mom &… Podcast Episode 49 with Nicole Wood, founder of Ama La Vida.

Ama La Vida is an innovative career, life, health and leadership coaching company with a mission to help people to “love their lives” which is the meaning of our name. Whether it’s related to your career, your health or your personal goals, we work with you to craft your own vision for success and create a life that you truly love.

Our team is comprised of the nation’s top certified coaches, so we ensure that you are paired with the certified coach who is the best fit for you. 

Topics From This Episode

  • The Hummingbird Theory – listen to this talk by Elizabeth Gilbert
  • Hummingbird vs. Jackhammer
  • Glennon Doyle’s podcast, We Can Do Hard Things  Episode 127: Are You a Feeler or a Thinker? Either Way, Genius!
  • How to identify where you want to focus
  • Looking at your life in seasons
  • Design Thinking
  • Perfectionism
  • It’s possible to make changes with very little time or money
  • Cross-pollination – not just for bees and hummingbirds
  • Vision-boarding
  • Vision Board Your Way to Success – 5 Day Challenge

Connect with Natalia:

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