Create Your Just Right Life One “Experiment” at a Time

October 20, 2022 / Mom &… Podcast Episode 93 / Guest: Robbi Crawford

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Show Summary:

Robbi Crawford called us cool people, and while we love* hearing that, Robbi is most definitely the cool one. She has a depth and breadth of life experience that she now uses to help other people. 

We talked about being at a crossroads, and not knowing what’s next. Whether it’s a brick to the head or a gentle tug, sometimes we know that things are not in alignment. That’s where someone like Robbi comes in. This episode explores what it’s like to unpack or deconstruct everything you thought you knew in order to get to what Robbi calls a “whole body hell yeah!” 

*We promptly announced to our kids, “See, we are cool!”

Topics From This Episode

Look, Listen, Learn




  • The Bob Newhart Show, available on Hulu
  • Planning my own mini-retreat, and then finding a real retreat through Story Summit (that, in the end, I might not be able to do – sad trombone – but I’m still looking for something that aligns with my schedule)

More About Robbi Crawford:

Robbi Crawford, Lifestyle/Career/Transition coach, practical sociologist and former college instructor, is a champion of choosing work that matters for recent college grads and adults in transition. Robbi takes a holistic approach to helping her clients uncover and establish their “just right” lifestyle and work life.

Her work is fueled by a belief that we are schooled, counseled and often frightened into believing that a successful transition into or through the world of work is primarily determined by external factors – social, cultural, political and economic, which minimizes or excludes factors with an even deeper individual impact – biological, psychological, spiritual and environmental. Her creative work life design approach begins with and builds upon this latter set of factors.

Robbi has spent over two decades observing work life structures in numerous settings – domestically and abroad. She’s supported thousands of students and mid-career professionals, and conducted hundreds of interviews on the topics of work life satisfaction and fulfillment, and job structure.

She’s held a variety of positions in both the corporate and non-profit sectors, served in academia and ran her own businesses. Robbi has earned two academic degrees, a life coach certification and a number of other certifications related to human and spiritual growth and development.

She also partners with the Orange Duffel Bag Initiative, whose mission is to provide high school and college students, experiencing homelessness, foster care, or poverty, evidence- and trauma-informed coaching programs and ongoing advocacy to improve their education and career outcomes.

Answering her heart’s yearning to create, she also designs and makes fiber garments, accessories and art; she displays her one-of-a-kind pieces and shares her process on Instagram and her Smileybyrd Design YouTube channel. She’s also an avid reader, a Zumba enthusiast, and a movie aficionado.

Connect with Robbi:

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