How to Set (and Enforce) Boundaries with Family, Friends & Co-workers

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Episode 18: Justine Sones

Boundaries. Got any? We don’t. Well, sometimes we have boundaries, and sometimes we feel bad about enforcing them. We’re learning.

Enter: Justine Sones. If you have the time, we recommend pausing after everything Justine says, and just letting it… Simmer. Soak. Absorb into your brain and your soul. We lost count of the number of times we said, “That should be on a shirt!” “Please make a thought of the day calendar!” and the like.

Justine had thoughtful, helpful things to say about setting boundaries, and taking care of ourselves in this bizarre sort-of-post-pandemic world. We talked about growing into your boundaries with your kids. One of Justine’s specialties is helping people learn to sit in the discomfort of doing things that hurt a little, like saying now when your auto-response is yes.

Managing the expectations of our circles, from ourselves, to our immediate household, to our co-workers, takes practice. We talked about ways to start understanding where we fit within each circle, and how to honor our value system in relation to each one. There’s that values word again. It comes up so often in our discussions that we’re starting to think it’s pretty important. (<—- We jest. We KNOW understanding our values is crucial to our overall health.)

Do we say this every week? We do, but we’re saying it again: we could have talked to Justine all day long. In fact, we thought we were wrapping the episode, and then we just kept on talking. Hang in until the very end, after the Look, Listen, Learn segment and Justine drops some serious knowledge on us.

We learned so much (SO. MUCH.) in our short time with Justine, and we vowed to have her back again. Have specific questions for Justine? Call or write us, and we’ll ask her next time.

More About Justine

Justine Sones is a writer and stress management coach who loves drinking coffee, helping burnt-out humans set boundaries, and talking about things that hurt. During her career as a massage therapist, Justine’s practice was dedicated to exploring the roles that stress, pain, and relaxation play in healing the physical body. She came to realize that the support her clients needed required more than a massage, and made it her mission to help them. 

Justine now spends her time writing about feelings and coaching other over-functioning humans develop healthy boundaries and practice sustainable self-care as they navigate the messy intersections of partnering, parenting, -preneuring, and pandemicking. 

Topics, People, Etc. That Come Up in This Episode

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