Defining Your Values & Understanding Mind-Body Connection with Shannon Rafalowski

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Episode 22: Shannon Rafalowski

Almost every week on The Mom &… Podcast, the concept of values comes up. Understanding your personal values allows you to focus on what matters in your life. 

Every week when this comes up we think, we really should learn more about how to determine our values. This week, that’s exactly what we did!

Thanks to Shannon Rafalowski, a life and fitness coach, we finally know how to narrow down our values. We learned that values are not set in stone, an idea that makes so much sense we can’t believe we didn’t already understand it. As you age, learn, and have more experiences, your values can shift. You’re not locked in for life.

We talked about limiting beliefs, the idea that we may hold on to something as fact, when it’s actually a learned response. Sometimes, we have to let things go in order to get to our core values. Related: judgement (from others or from within ourselves) and fear hold us back. Acknowledging our core values is a vulnerable process, and Shannon had great advice on how to move through this.

Want to work on your value system? Shannon is generously offering a free exercise to help you start narrowing things down! Just send her an email and she will get you the info.

One of Shannon’s areas of expertise is the mind-body connection. The power of exercise is key for mind-body health. Shannon explained how bi-lateral movement (simply, moving both sides of your body and engaging both sides of your brain), can help rewire our brains and reset our mental state. 

Sound complicated? It’s really not. Shannon talked about incorporating small moments of movement that add up throughout the day. Just move your body however you can, even if it’s a short activity. And this is huge: remember to offer up some gratitude for any movement. Exercise doesn’t have to be an intense, major commitment. 

We also got a sneak peak at Shannon’s patented TUSH product (you’ll have to watch YouTube to see it). It’s so cool!

More About Shannon

Shannon is a transformation leader dedicated to helping women recovering from body image issues, eating disorders, and perfectionism, by aligning mental and physical self-care. She gets people off the hamster wheel of shame, and into a space where they can find truth, freedom, and connection for a fully authentic, passionate life.

She is a Certified Professional Life Coach and a Certified Swim Coach. She is the founder of TUSH (To Undo Shitty Habits) Life Coaching and has a line of patented exercise products, called TUSH, in production.

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