Stop Doubting & Start Doing – with guest Raquel Kelley of Momgul

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Episode 32: Raquel Kelley, MOMGUL

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In this episode we discuss postpartum depression. If you, or someone you know, is struggling, talk to a trusted healthcare professional, friend, family member, or reach out directly to one of these resources:


Raquel Kelley’s story is both wholly unique, and completely relatable. She is passionate about helping moms, because as she says, “No matter what career you have, we’re all in this together.”

After experiencing major change in her life – leaving her long-time career, moving across the country, becoming a mom of two – Raquel struggled with postpartum depression. Thankfully, she had a support system around her that helped her take action, and get help. In this episode, we talk about her low point, and how she pivoted to turn that low into a passion project.

Raquel knew she had to make some major changes in her life, and she wanted to help other moms going through similar struggles. Thus, the concept, followed shortly by the podcast, was born. MOMGUL helps moms become moguls, in 15 minutes or less. What is a MOMGUL? You’ll have to listen to get those details.

More About Raquel

Raquel Kelley is a mom and… writer, TV producer, and host of the MOMGUL Podcast. She began her career at E! Entertainment where she worked for over a decade on shows such as Live! From the Red Carpet, Sports Soup, and Fashion Police. She was the Los Angeles expert for Conde Nast at BRIDES Magazine, and has been an internationally featured contributor for The HuffPost.

After having two under two, Raquel moved from Los Angeles to her native Ohio to raise her daughters closer to family. While her life and location may have changed, her career goal remains the same: Make hard things easy to talk about.

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