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Episode 1.8: Jenny Remington, Strengths Finder

This week, we are talking with Jenny Remington, a professionally trained and certified coach with the International Coach Federation. She has empowered hundreds of professionals, entrepreneurs, and parents to reignite their career, discover their path, or realign their life. Jenny has a gift for bridging the personal with the professional, and encourages her clients to embrace self-care.

We dive into the StrengthsFinder assessment, and talk about why it’s Jenny’s favorite assessment. In the course of our conversation, we discover some deep truths about how we operate. For example, Missy finds out that she is keeping one of her strengths “in the basement” instead of operating from the “balcony” of that strength. Trust us, it makes total sense once you listen.

Jenny does an amazing job of walking us through turning things we think of as weaknesses into strengths. Or, in other words, properly accessing our strengths, even when we’re not completely comfortable doing that, or when we’ve completely forgotten that we have a particular strength. 

You’ll have to wait until next week for our Look Listen Learn (LLL) segment. We had so much fun talking with Jenny that we are splitting this episode into two parts. Next week’s episode focuses more on habits, and we talk about our LLLs.

[On a side note, we are still getting used to podcasting. Sometimes… we forget it’s primarily an audio format. We realized that when we’re recording over Zoom, we can see each other and our guest, so we’re nodding our heads or making expressions that mean nothing to a listener. We’ll get there, we promise. Plus, you can always watch us over at our YouTube channel!]

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