Get Strong – Mentally and Physically (and at Your Own Pace)

February 17, 2022 / Mom &… Podcast Episode 58 / Guests: Ashlee Brandt, Robin Winkles of STRONG by Ash B

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Show Summary

This week we’re veering ever so slightly out of our usual career-focused lane, but trust us when we tell you there is a reason. One of the goals of the Mom &… Podcast is to build up the whole person, hence focusing on those dot, dot, dots. We want moms to be ready for whatever comes their way in their careers and lives, and we believe that mental and physical health are closely tied to successfully navigating work and family.

We invited the founder of STRONG by Ash B, and the Ash B Cardio Coach, to tell us about their own career journeys. We love hearing about the paths other women take to finding their passions.

We also asked them to share their program and why it works. Hint: Ashlee Brandt and Robin Winkles are committed to coaching the whole person. Mental well-being is a huge part of what they do, in addition to daily workouts designed to help their members get strong.

More About Ashlee

Ashlee is a mom &… founder of STRONG by Ash B, a certified personal trainer, and certified nutrition coach. She started her program after years of trying to balance living life while maintaining her health. She’s known for her love of margaritas and chicken wings, being honest about her struggles, and throwing out the occasional 4-letter word during workouts. Ashlee believes that everyone, no matter their age, weight, or past experience with exercise & nutrition, can create a healthy lifestyle. 

The STRONG program focuses on mental health and confidence, better preparing participants to tackle the physical challenge of getting – and staying – healthy. Ashlee lives with her husband and two children in a rural area (farm country) about an hour east of Kansas City, MO.

More About Robin

Robin is a mom &… certified personal trainer, nutrition coach, and photographer. She joined STRONG by Ash B as a member in December 2020, and immediately fell in love with everything about Ashlee’s approach to fitness and nutrition. She now leads cardio and core workouts for STRONG by Ash B members.

Robin is raising two amazing young women, and a small home zoo that includes an 8-pound Yorkie, an 18-pound Siamese, a 7-pound foster fail cat with her own Instagram page, and a sweet and sassy bearded dragon. When not in the cardio room, Robin follows people around with her camera as a professional photographer, specializing in graduating seniors, families, and a special girl empowerment project for tween and teen girls. 

Topics From This Episode (Complete transcript is available below… scroll to the bottom!)

  • Mindset
  • Self-doubt
  • Fitness for busy moms
  • Running
  • Mental health
  • Identity

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