Defining and Creating Work / Life Balance, with Suzanne Brown

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Episode 19: Suzanne Brown

When her son was born 10 weeks premature, Suzanne Brown was still working a full-time corporate job. The plan was to continue in that role, but she quickly realized that things needed to change. 

After negotiating her role down to part-time, Suzanne started getting questions from other women about how she worked out that deal… and Mompowerment was born. (You have to listen to the episode for the full story. What do you think we’re doing around here, just giving away information for free? Well, yeah, that’s totally what we’re doing. But still. Listen to the episode.)

We had a great conversation about women in the workforce, including the impact of Covid. According to Lareina Yee, McKinsey Senior Partner and Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer, a speaker at the Mother’s Monday event that we, and Suzanne, attended just before our taping, “Working mothers were one of our more resilient and tested groups during Covid.” We dove into why this is and what it may look like going forward.

Values came up again this week, as knowing what you value helps you determine what matters for you and your family when making career decisions. Or household decisions. All the decisions.

One of our favorite takeaways was this: Managing work-life balance is often as straightforward as talking to the people in your life. Talk to spouses, partners, co-workers, employers – anyone involved in your day-to-day life. Have the conversation. Talk about what’s working and what’s not. Ask for what you need. Sounds simple, but it’s revolutionary.

We also covered some nuts and bolts of staying relevant, so you’re prepared when it’s time to re-enter the workforce or advance in your career. It’s good stuff, and we hope you enjoy listening to all Suzanne had to offer.

More About Suzanne

Suzanne is a strategic marketing and business consultant. She’s a work-life balance speaker, consultant, and bestselling, 4-time award-winning author. 

She empowers company leaders and working moms to think differently about balance and take action. She shares her own experience and extensive research as well as practical tips, insights, and advice from interviews with more than 110 working moms. Find out more at

In her downtime, you can find Suzanne, her husband, and her two young boys on a nearby hiking trail or faraway adventure.  

Topics, People, Etc. That Come Up in This Episode

Texas Conference for Women

Mother’s Monday event

Lareina Yee

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Work Life Balance with Suzanne Brown