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Hello – Welcome to the Mom & … Podcast Tipsy Ellipses episode with Susanne & Missy. If this is your first time joining us, the Tipsy Ellipses episodes are different than our regular numbered episodes. 

On the first of each month, we do a Facebook Live on our Mom &… Podcast Page where we recap our top learnings from the episodes the previous month and give a sneak peek at guests coming up with the weeks ahead. It’s super casual, just the two of us in various forms of leisure wear- it’s live so there’s no editing, and as the title says, occasionally there is an adult beverage involved, but certainly not required to join in the fun. 

The next day, we upload it here so those who prefer audio over video can still listen in. If there’s any part you would like to watch, the video still lives up on our Mom and Podcast Facebook Page and on our You tube channel.

Without further ado, here’s March’s Tipsy Ellipses episode. Enjoy!