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The Goal of the Mom & . . . Podcast is to share information that truly helps moms, no matter which phase of parenting/professional grownup conundrum you’re in.

We know what our questions are, but we want to know what’s on your minds so that we can tailor episodes to you, so what’s your question?

To help you narrow things down a bit, here are the kinds of topics we’ll be covering on the show. 


  • How do you re-find yourself after years of diapers and bottles and toddler snacks being ground into your car upholstery? 
  • How do you go about rediscovering what makes you, YOU?
  • Are you interested in learning more about tests like
    • the Enneagram 
    • Gretchen Rubin’s Four Tendencies 
    • Meyers Briggs,
    • StrengthsFinder, and more!


  • Curious about when and how to get back into the work force?
  • Are you interested in completely changing your career path?
  • Are you confused what the words CAREER PATH even mean for you now?
  • Do you want to figure out how to make money from following your passion project?
  • Do you need to find a way to save up some money to fund pursuing your passion in your “free time?”


  • Balance – is that a real thing or are we kidding ourselves?
  • Health – mental and physical – Bring on the questions!


  • Going back to work? How do you manage your new income?
  • Becoming a stay at home mom? How do you prepare to budget without your income?


We want to focus on moms, not on parenting. We will not be answering questions like 

  • “how do I get my kids to take a nap?”
  • “how do I manage my kids’ screen time?”

Those are all valid – and important – questions. But those are questions for another podcast that focuses on kids. We’re here to focus on you.

So… have questions, thoughts, ideas for episodes?

Click on over to our “What’s Your Question” page and either call us or write to us with your questions.

Disclaimer: If you leave us a voicemail, we may play it on an episode. We would LOVE that, but if you would not love it, use the form to send a question or comment in writing.

Like our theme music? So do we! It’s “We Will Get Through This” by Young Presidents, used under license from Shutterstock. Find more of their music here.

We can’t wait to hear you questions!