Enneagram Refresher with Guest Steph Barron Hall

September 1, 2022 / Mom &… Podcast Episode 86 / Guest: Steph Barron Hall

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Content Warning: 

We use a word that rhymes with textual in this episode. It’s not used in a graphic context at all, but within the discussion about the Enneagram. If you know about the Enneagram, you know the word. Just a warning, though, if you don’t want that word flying around the inside of your car, or if you’re at work and people might hear you and question what you’re listening to, go ahead and switch to headphones.

Show Summary:

The Enneagram has come up a few times lately, and after our last episode we got some questions about it. We decided to record a short update, and then replay our episode with Steph Barron Hall. 

Original show notes follow:

When Susanne reached out to Missy about co-hosting the Mom &… Podcast, one of Missy’s first questions was, “What’s your enneagram number?” Susanne had no idea, and Missy admittedly needed to do some more work to make sure she really knew her number. Thus, our journey into the Enneagram began, ultimately leading us to discover Stephanie Barron Hall’s instagram account, @NineTypesCo, and podcast, Enneagram in Real Life (fka Ask an Enneagram Coach).

In this episode we talk about Steph’s Enneagram experience, and why she chose to pursue a career path that incorporates it. We dive into our types – a 9w8 for Susanne, 9w1 for Missy – and she helps us think through the positives and pitfalls we could encounter since we’re both nines. We explore why learning more about the Enneagram can be vulnerable at first, and later help us become much better communicators. Steph also helps us understand the concept of sub-types, and how those differ from wings.

More About Steph Barron Hall:

Steph Barron Hall is a speaker, certified Enneagram coach, and author of the book, The Enneagram in Love: A roadmap for Building and Strengthening Romantic Relationships

Steph founded her Instagram page, Nine Types Co. in 2017 as a way to explore her own interest in the Enneagram. It has since grown into a community of people who are learning about the Enneagram themselves and their relationships together. Stephanie specializes in bringing clarity to complex concepts, and communicating the Enneagram in a way that is relatable and concise so that it can be transformative for all.

Topics From This Episode

Connect with Steph:

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  • Also… Bridgerton.

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