Shannon Rafalowski – Preventing & Recovering from Body Image & Eating Disorders

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Episode 24: Shannon Rafalowski 

(Trigger warning: eating disorder thoughts and behaviors and self-harm/cutting)

Today’s episode is Part 2 of our discussion with Shannon Rafalowski (from Episode 22, when Shannon joined us to talk about defining our values and mind-body connection.) Our conversation went beyond those topics to include some discussion about eating disorders and cutting behaviors.

After reading about the increase in disordered eating during the pandemic, this topic was top of mind for us. Shannon shared her personal journey, and we talked about raising our awareness of dangerous behaviors – as well as our own responses to triggering moments.

Because we didn’t realize this would be a two-part interview when we recorded it, it will start without our typical introductions and will wrap up without our usual Look, Listen, Learn segment. If you haven’t listened to Episode 22, we highly recommend downloading it as soon as you’re finished to get the complete picture of our discussion. 

Resources recommended by Shannon:

More About Shannon

Shannon is a transformation leader dedicated to helping women recovering from body image issues, eating disorders, and perfectionism, by aligning mental and physical self-care. She gets people off the hamster wheel of shame, and into a space where they can find truth, freedom, and connection for a fully authentic, passionate life.

She is a Certified Professional Life Coach and a Certified Swim Coach. She is the founder of TUSH (To Undo Shitty Habits) Life Coaching and has a line of patented exercise products, called TUSH, in production.

Connect with Shannon:

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