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Welcome to our April Tipsy Ellipses episode. On the first of every month, we (Susanne & Missy) do a Facebook Live where we recap our top learnings from the previous month’s episodes and give a sneak peak at what’s coming up in the month ahead. The show is unedited and non-bleeped, so keep those earbuds in if you’re around the littles.

To watch the live version, be sure to follow our Mom & … Facebook Page and join our private Mom & …. Community group. You can also watch the episode on our YouTube channel.

In this episode we cover highlights from:

Episode 9: Jenny Remington’s “Part 2” episode on Habits (also catch part 1 on StrengthsFinder)

Episode 10: Nancy Davis Kho & The Thank You Project

Episode 11: Our Covid 1 yr look back / Spring Break editiion

Episode 12: Kelly Rippon – Parent Up

Be sure to follow us & subscribe to the podcast so you don’t miss all the great stuff coming up in April!