Preparing for a Pivot in the New Year

December 15, 2022 / Mom &… Podcast Episode 101 / Guest: Cait Swamy

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Show Summary:

Note: We mention the New Year several times in this episode, but due to some rescheduling/shuffling of episodes, it’s running BEFORE the New Year. Just close your eyes and pretend it’s January when listening.

Cait Swamy is the third Ama La Vida coach we’ve had on the show. Clearly, we love Ama La Vida! Talking with Cait was talking to a wise, caring friend. You know, the one who has your best interests at heart and gives you real advice. This episode is full of actionable steps for anyone hoping to pivot in the New Year. Whatever it is you hope to accomplish in 2023, this episode can help you get started!

Topics From This Episode:

  • Quit Your Imposter Syndrome E-Course
  • Imposter Syndrome
  • Failure (the benefits of)
  • Servant leadership
  • Listening skills
  • People pleasing vs. people serving
  • Employee engagement
  • Jimmy Carter
  • Pivoting (how to prepare)
  • Mindset
  • Cell phone usage, total minutes per day (Listen to our episode with Catherine Pearlman for more!
  • Lighthouse Method by Stacy Kim (Listen to our episode with Stacy here!)
  • Belief systems
  • Roadblocks to making change
  • What’s your non-negotiable?
  • Strengths
  • Building confidence
  • Breath work (Listen to our episode with Dmitria Burby for more!)
  • Practicing for interviews
  • Self talk
  • Transferable skills
  • Resolutions vs. goals
  • Keeping goals visible
  • Zodiac signs and Enneagram
  • Habit building

Look, Listen, Learn




  • Three Pines update
  • (Not) Listening to the talking heads during sporting events
  • Learning not to create your Christmas cards while sick, but DO pay the extra money, if you can, to have the card company address and mail your cards.

More About Cait:

Cait’s passion and life’s purpose is helping people tap into their innate talents and coaching them to reach their full potential.  With close to a decade leading Global Talent Development Programs at a Fortune 50 company, Cait has coached leaders from early career to executive leadership. Her natural curiosity and enthusiasm for people drew her to leadership coaching and diversity, equity and inclusion consulting. 

Cait’s coaching is rooted in positive psychology and strength-based leadership. A natural empath, Cait holds space for her clients and listens to them wholeheartedly. She is a firm believer that leaders need a toolbox of actionable ways to create the life they desire so that they can be better leaders for the organizations they serve. Through partnering with her clients and holding them accountable, Cait helps to develop and enhance the Servant Leadership potential she believes exists within all of us. 

Connect with Cait:

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Musical Notes

Our delightfully happy intro and outro theme music, “We Will Get Through This” is performed by Young Presidents, and used under license from Shutterstock.