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Episode 36: EvolveMe

Our guests this week are Judy Schoenberg & Linda Lautenberg, founders of EvolveMe, a network developed specifically for mid-life women facing a pivot or relaunch. 

People who need to drop everything and listen right now (we mean it, now!) include, but are not limited to:

  • Women who have been home in the primary caregiver role, and are now ready to get back out there.
  • Women who are ready to change careers.
  • Women who can’t remember what lights them up.
  • Women who have no idea who they are anymore.
  • Women who do not want to face the next chapter alone.

Not in mid-life yet? Don’t worry, you will be one day, so get prepared now. Past mid-life? Nope, you’re not. Mid-life is as much mindset as it is age.

Our conversation was enlightening, and so much fun. We felt an instant kinship with Judy and Linda, because they’ve been where we’ve been. They understand where you’re coming from, too. 

We talked about the identity crisis that comes with leaving a career, or changing course, no matter what your reason for making that decision. Early in the episode, Linda talks about going back to her Harvard Business School reunion and nearly every woman was apologizing for something: working, not working, doing something in a way they felt wasn’t “right” or for which they’d face judgement.

Isn’t that eye-opening? Here were women with Harvard degrees, questioning all of their decisions.

That’s where Judy and Linda, and EvolveMe, come in. You don’t have to be alone with your questions and insecurities anymore.

More About EvolveMe

Navigating a career transition can seem overwhelming and unachievable. Linda, as a returner after an 18-year break, and Judy, as a pivoter from a national non-profit, found the process isolating. They knew there were many women in the same position and yearned for a group of like-minded peers with whom to undergo the professional reinvention process.

After building out a program for women returning to work in the social impact sector, they came to realize the very real need for programming developed for the specific needs of women at mid-life. And thus, discovered their passion. Linda and Judy founded EvolveMe as a way to help mid-career women kick-start their career transformation through curated programming and support from each other.

More about Judy & Linda

Judy is a graduate of Harvard University and former national executive for Girl Scouts of the USA and  lives in Brooklyn, NY with her husband, two sons and a feisty rescue dog. 

Linda is a Harvard Business School graduate and a Chartered Financial Analyst. Prior to her own professional reinvention, she led a highly successful career in real estate finance and securitization. She lives near the Jersey shore with her husband, 1-3 kids (depending on college schedules), and way too many pets.

People, Places and Things That Come Up

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  • Circe by Madeline Miller
  • Discussion: Maybe Susanne is more of an extrovert than she thought?


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