Learn How to Plan Your Own Mini-Retreat with Guest Jenny Remington

October 13, 2022 / Mom &… Podcast Episode 92 / Guest: Jenny Remington

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Show Summary:

Life Coach Jenny Remington is back! She’s now in the lead for most guest appearances on the Mom &… Podcast. At 3.5 episodes, she is well on her way to the Five-Timers Club.* 

This time we’re talking about retreating. Not the giving up kind of retreating, but the taking a break kind. Jenny shared about a recent experience in her life that forced her to slow down, and inspired her to help people be proactive about taking time out. She developed a workbook called How to Give Yourself a Mini-Retreat: Eight Ideas to Help You Relax and Recover in as Little as an Hour.

We talked about taking time away, and designing a break that meets your needs, whether it’s five minutes a day, one hour a week, or a full-blown getaway. Jenny’s new workbook is free, by the way, and walks you through step-by-step how to create a mini-retreat.

*We’re getting jackets, like on Saturday Night Live, except we are not getting smoking jackets. We’re getting pink satin jackets, in a nod to  Pinky Tuscadero. Missy still can’t decide if she’d rather be Pinky or her sister, Leather.

More About Coach Jenny:

Jenny is a professionally trained coach, and certified with the International Coach Federation. She has empowered hundreds of professionals, entrepreneurs, and parents to reignite their career, discover their path, or realign their life.

Jenny’s mission is to boost happiness and positivity, create a strong vision, nurture inner strength and to live mindfully. Jenny has a gift for bridging the personal with the professional,  and personal self-care becomes a part of most client’s growth through the coaching relationship.

Her style is direct and compassionate, focused on listening and guiding her clients to trust their compass. She is in love with her life and work and wants that same passion and enthusiasm for each person she coaches.  

Her adopted hometown is Austin, Texas where she lives with her husband of almost 16 years, two growing boys, and the wildcard of the family, Gus the schnoodle. When she’s not coaching, Jenny loves to practice yoga, read, write, bring people together, stand up paddleboard, and enjoy deep conversations with people she loves.

Topics From This Episode

  • Jenny’s other Mom &… Podcast appearances: 
    • Episode 9 – StrengthsFinder;  
    • Episode 19 – Mini-episode on Habits (an outtake from Episode 9); 
    • Episode 25 – Developing Values-Based Habits
  • Self Care
  • Accidents and injuries
  • Trauma recovery
  • Modeling both strength and rest for our children
  • Boundaries
  • How to prepare for time away
  • How to transition back into real life after a break

Connect with Jenny:

Look, Listen, Learn


  • Learned that she’s a stapler (you have to listen to get that one)
  • In Her Boots by KJ Dell’Antonia
  • Listening to her son’s school band
  • Learning about her daughter’s interest in Physical Therapy



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