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Friends, you showed up and we loved it! Thanks for hanging out with us, and if you weren’t able to make it to our first Tipsy Ellipses Facebook live, we got you covered.

We’ve uploaded an unedited re-play of the Facebook live event. This makes for a slightly longer episode than usual, and of course, some of the visuals will be lost in this audio-only format. (You can WATCH the replay over at our YouTube channel!)

BUT… it’s still a lot of fun, with recaps of what we’ve learned from our guests so far, and looks ahead at what we’re excited to tackle next. Plus, of course, we serve up a good amount of rambly nonsense. Hashtag tipsy?

Going forward, we will host a Tipsy Ellipses event on the first of each month. This month, we talked so much that we never made it around to touring our studios-slash-cloffices-slash-cludios. And our promised pet introductions didn’t happen, either. So, hey, something to look forward to next month!

Here are some of the main topics if you want to skip around:

1:32 – Susanne gives a shout out to one of her high school best friend’s moms and shares the hilarious quote of hers that she still uses til this day.

6:53 – Missy and Susanne realize they haven’t seen each other in person in over a year and plan a secret rendez vous in a parking lot.

11:10 – Sneak peak at our Jenny Remington episode (coming up in the next couple weeks as a two-parter) and her wise words about willpower, decision making and finding your strengths.

12:10 – Learn the trick to sneaking junk food without your family hearing it.

15:24 – You can buy Girls Scout Cookies ONLINE?!?!

22:03 – Learn how you can leave us anonymous comments or questions (hint – you can also click “What’s Your Question” on our website.)

23:23 – Susanne accidentally spills the beans about a friend of ours who may (or may not) be starting a new podcast, so instead we talk about a friend who DEFINITELY has a new podcast, My Effin Desk by Leslie Gaar.

28:56 – Share highlights of our episode with Jen Mann.

33:43 – Discuss Enneagram highlights from our episode with Jill Johnson

36:50 – Shout out to Steph Barron Hall of Ask an Enneagram Coach who will be our upcoming Valentine’s episode.

46:17 – Highlights of Niksen episode with Olga Mecking.

54:19 – Why you should sign up for our newsletter. Do it here!

55:14 – Why we love Adrienne Hedger of Hedger Humor & why she has the best newsletter in the world.

1:00:03 – Why Missy and Susanne are only qualified to review movies and tv shows that are more than five years old.

1:09:13 – Missy and Susanne try to decide who has the worst dogs.