Self Love

Slay Your Inner Critic & Live the Life You Want

November 11, 2021 / Mom & … Podcast Episode 44 / Guest: Katherine Wintsch of Slay Like a Mother Show Summary Early in this episode, Katherine Wintsch says that she had the trappings of success on the outside, but felt hollow inside. If you, like we did, felt that punch directly in your gut, give…

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Tipsy Ellipses FB Live with Cindy Whitesides

November 5, 2021 Mom &… Podcast: Tipsy Ellipses Episode Guest: Cindy Whitesides, Life Coach Show Summary Tipsy Ellipses is a monthly bonus episode that we record via Facebook Live. This month’s live recording took place on Tuesday, November 2 and featured friend and guest, Cindy Whitesides. Cindy is trained as a Wayfinder Life Coach with…

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Self-Love: Release Self-Doubt & Build Self-Compassion

Watch This Episode On Our YouTube Channel November 4, 2021 Mom &… Podcast Guest: Megan Logan, MSW, LCSW, Author of SELF-LOVE WORKBOOK FOR WOMEN Show Summary Megan Logan is a licensed therapist and author of the SELF-LOVE WORKBOOK FOR WOMEN. In this episode we talk about Megan’s experience writing the workbook, and veer off into…

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