Four Steps to a Great New Year (No Resolutions Required!) – Part 1

December 23, 2021 / Mom &… Podcast Episode 50 / Featuring Susanne & Missy

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Part one of a two-part series featuring hosts, Susanne Kerns and Missy Stevens, talking about self-love, self-compassion, and incorporating those concepts into planning for 2022. 

This time of year seems like the perfect time to reflect on what we’ve learned during our time as Mom &… Podcast hosts. We talk about setting goals, including defining our values and accepting our whole selves. We revisit some of the tools we used to determine our values, and which of our past guests have good advice around this subject.

We also visit some of the exercises in Megan Logan’s book, Self-Love Workbook for Women, that are centered around building your self-love.

Topics From This Episode (Complete transcript is available below… scroll to the bottom!)

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Four Steps to a Great New Year

Transcript* From This Episode

*Please note that this transcript is automatically generated through our editing software. Expect odd errors and misunderstood words. In fact, if you find a really funny one, send it to us, and we may feature it – and you – on our socials!

Susanne: [00:00:00] . Welcome to the mom and podcast. I’m Susanne Kerns, a mom and writer, LGBTQ and sex ed advocate. And today panicking Christmas prepper. 

Missy: Yeah, I’m Missy Steven’s mom and dot dot dot that writer foster care advocate, and today family Christmas planner, prepper crazy.

Susanne: I mean, that’s all we’re going to be. That’s probably all that y’all listeners are right now to somewhere extra grateful that you’re taking a moment to hang out with us. , 

Susanne: , but today we are so happy to [00:01:00] have drum roll, please. on the show, in honor of respecting our boundaries and the boundaries of our guests.

We decided not to schedule anybody to join us during these busy holiday weeks, but kind of wanted to two bird, one stone. It, because we knew that if we didn’t do this, we probably would. The end of the year, fly by without taking the time to sit and reflect and be intentional and, and set some intentions for the year ahead.

so we decided to get together and record. So it’s, it’s a boundary, but in a way it’s still respecting our boundaries and that. Locked in our closets and hiding from our families instead of running around like crazy and doing all the prepping, we’re thinking about us. And we hope that you will take a couple of minutes to the same and we are making this a short one.

Right? Missy. So

Missy: to try really hard to make it short. I mean, I, my phone is off and it’s on the floor, but I keep seeing like [00:02:00] 

Susanne: being, being, 

Missy: mom, what about this, Missy? What about this? What I bring here? So yeah, we’re going to make it short so we can get back to our people and Christmas thing and holiday eating and breaking all of that stuff.

Susanne: So this episode, and also next week’s episode are going to be just little quickies with the two of us where it’s just short enough for you to take a little me time, go hide in your closet, go hide in the bathroom, go do whatever you need to do. It’s just going to have a couple little reminders for things that you could be doing.

I don’t even want to call it new year’s resolutions. Missy. I don’t like that. Cause we’re not talking about changing or making you better. you. don’t have to get better. You’re perfect. You’re 

Missy: Yeah. My son said the other day he was going to set a resolution and it was a nutrition. He’s an athlete. So it was a nutrition focused resolution. And I, I just said. Let’s not call it a resolution. Let’s just collectively say, this is, this is something that we want to make a goal that we want to focus on and we want to incorporate into our day-to-day lives.

And of course, you know, he’s 15. [00:03:00] So look, it was my resolution. He didn’t really want to hear it, but it was like, I just am going to give his head, like, let’s just start thinking about this differently because I feel like resolutions by their nature are meant to be broken.

Susanne: Yeah. And even if the definition of resolution, if you break it down is still the same thing as a goal. I don’t know that it is, I haven’t gone that far to actually define it, but it has a negative 

Missy: entomology 

Susanne: Yeah.

It has a negative connotation as something that you set and then you break within the first month.

And then also they’re usually around. the thought of you not being enough already is what I always think of resolutions is I, I need to lose weight. I need to do this. I need to do this. And it’s a bunch of should and should and

about shoulding So we’re kind of, uh, even though we are still going to be talking about some goals and staff, not in a resolution standpoint, let’s maybe get rid of the resolutions, but.

I think I’m going to kick off with, probably the number one thing. Even if you want to keep the [00:04:00] resolutions, you need to know your values because if you’re going to set this resolution for, I want to read 50 books in the next year. Okay, great. We think that’s amazing. But by knowing your value. yeah.

First of all, why like is that, do you really like to read? Maybe you can do audio books. That’s still reading in my brain. I do all the 

Missy: it is scientifically it’s considered reading 

Susanne: Yeah.

Yeah. And you know, I shouldn’t use books as an example or for things that you should question, because I think everybody should read books, But what’s so 

Missy: why do you feel compelled to read that many? Think about it. Like, is that, what is your reason for that? Does it fit with your overall values?

Susanne: Yes. And if so, then, what, what books should you be or not? I’m saying should know what books would you like to make sure that you’re focusing on that really reflect not even necessarily your values? but your interests in what you Like

and what you enjoy. So really let’s take some time to think about that.

So, [00:05:00] Done, quite a few values exercises over the past year, but since you probably don’t have the time right.

now to go sift through all 51 episodes and figure out which ones 

Missy: What are you doing?

Susanne: I know what the heck. Um, I think that we we’ve narrowed it.

down for you. We’ve taken kind of the best of the best, um, advice that we’ve gotten around values.

So you can get a valid. Sheet, literally just go and type into the internet values exercise. Our favorite one is Brene brown. I really feel like we should make our own though. Cause even Brene’s was missing some, I think we might even go 

Missy: like our combo of Brene and then Shannon Ashby, who, when she was on our show, this show is changed to Shannon Ashby. 

Susanne: Well. Look at Shannon Rafalowski, or you can look at 

Missy: Yeah. she had a good one but you can kind of combine or try a couple, It’s sort of fun, like Susanne and I sat at a table and just circled everything that spoke to us when we were doing it for the show specifically, not for ourselves, And then we went [00:06:00] through and It was so fun to see like which things were the same. And then we could discuss the ones. Like if she had one, I didn’t, we would discuss why, but that doesn’t take a super long time. Then the whittling it down and getting it into, you know, four or five major buckets for your life.

That takes a little bit longer. But this. Themselves, like, go ahead. And you could do that this week when you just need a break from your family, like go hide in the closet with your value sheet 

Susanne: Yeah. And 

Missy: Quiet time.

Susanne: I really loved. Okay. So Yeah.

you step one, you go Google. Values exercise. You print out the sheet and you really do like, just Missy said you get a highlighter and highlight the ones that make the most sense to you. And, or, I don’t know, you just kind of listen to your body and for like, which one when you read it, you’re like, that’s it.


Missy: weird too. And don’t deny your like, you know, like there were times that I would be circling something. The voices in my head would be like, Ooh, do you [00:07:00] want that to be one of your values? But like the word spoke to me. So don’t on that first pass. Just go and circle. Like for people watching, I’m frantically waving my arm in a circle emotion, just go circle and don’t, don’t let your internal editor in your inner critic.

Don’t let your, don’t let your gritty

Susanne: Yes gritty And so after you have those all highlighted, one of the things that Shannon had recommended that I found was really handy. I’ve got my little book here where I did mine do do, um, is you can put them into categories. So where are my where’s my list. So for example, I had highlighted. The words, authenticity, honesty, trust, and truth.

And so you can see how those make a natural category to each other. And you can kind of start to put in like another series of words that I grouped together that I had highlighted where belonging, community [00:08:00] connection and inclusion. So you can see how all of those kind of naturally tie in. And then from each of those lists, you.

can pick out The one that’s kind of like the representative, who’s the, who’s the coach or this, the team captain of that particular list.

so for those, I picked out authenticity and connection and I mean, you can see, I don’t want to show you all my to-do lists, but, um, Dude, there’s a, for anybody who’s watching the YouTube video, I’ve got a lot of words selected here. Um, but then we had also coach Amy Wolfgang come on. And I thought she had a really interesting twist of taking it to the next level.

Oh, Um, let me go back to Shannon. Shannon’s other thing was, once you pick out your team, captain words, then put a verb in front of them. Right? So to make it an action thing, I should probably should have thought about what my example would be here. But, um, 

Missy: have my

Susanne: so with [00:09:00] authenticity it could be like, Parent with parent with authenticity or any type of live with authenticity or lead my organizations with authenticity.

Um, just something that would give it a little more life than just this word, you know, that you end up somewhere. and then Amy Wolfgang, I loved her idea. Do you remember about, uh, taking a look back across your life? Like the story of your. 

Missy: Yeah, 

Susanne: chapters of your life and things that had happened and whether they felt good or didn’t feel good, and which ones of those values were either being supported or being stepped on.

Um, and that can help highlight, oh, maybe that job wasn’t so bad. It was just that this boss was, stepping on my community. value or whatever. Um, so that can also help you to start to see trends across your entire life and just really solidify where were the [00:10:00] ones that were like, yay.

That’s awesome. That that got supported. And I love that job, even if it wasn’t a job where I was getting paid a lot, maybe it was a volunteer role. Maybe it was just something you were doing at your kid’s school, but something that felt really good, highlight that as like a yep. That’s that is, you know, a check next to that value that that’s yes.

That, that makes 

Missy: it’s super vulnerable too. Again, it doesn’t work. If , you’re letting your inner critic in and, and the outside influences that you have to just get real and say, this stepped on a value or this moment in my life fell bad. Maybe you’ve never admitted it even to yourself before, but this felt bad.

Or felt wrong and why it’s not easy to do if you are not ready to just be honest. but once you do it, you can see the patterns it’s so clear. It starts to really come together, like all that, like you said, like it may have been a great job, so maybe you could do that kind of job again, but it needs to be a different environment.[00:11:00] 

Susanne: Yup. Yup. And so, I mean, it helps you make a lot of, well, it brings a lot of clarity into your past, really? Because if there probably could, there’s probably jobs that I was like, oh my God, I hated that job or whatever. I’m like, no, Did not get along with that one client who, you know, squashed my sense of security or whatever it was, but there were all these other values that it did bring.

So just kind of taking a different lens, looking back at it. But as we’re talking about looking at the next year, if you’re setting these goals, if you’re setting these resolutions, whatever you want to call it, It really does help put a little bit of scaffolding around that and thinking about your values and how you want to look at the goals that you set, because are you setting goals because they support your values and things that you like, or are you doing it because you feel like you should, or that that’s something your parents would have liked for you to do or, [00:12:00] or a spouse 

Missy: It looks good on your resume or sounds great at a cocktail party, which based on the current environment. No, one’s going to a cocktail party for a little while. So 

Susanne: the one. 

Missy: about your cocktail conversation.

Susanne: Yes. And one of the sections that I, uh, also highlighted my words, I had curiosity, fun, humor and joy, and I grouped those all together. And I chose the team captain of fun for that one. And it made me think of Kristin Van Ogtrop when she was in, uh, what was it?

It was like some team-building or some leadership. Session that she went to and everybody did their values exercise, and everybody else was like, you know, saving the world, like all these other things. And hers was fun and she felt so like, oh my God, what does that say about me? That, you know, everybody else has these life changing things, but the fun, the fun can be a very powerful thing to guide in the world.

But, um, so it was interesting to see that that one was just one that I highlighted. And I [00:13:00] think that can help guide you as you are putting together these goals for the year ahead and be like, okay, are they fun? Are they kind? Yeah.

I’m just looking at the things that I have highlighted. I have my main, main goals that I ended up with were authenticity, connection, kindness, security, fun.

and then I had a whole group of ones around family love, nature, travel learning. So I’ve got, I got prioritize. Um, But those really help me decide like, okay, so if I want to go to this conference, or if I want to go to this, take this class, or if I want to do whatever, does it align with those?

Or is it just something that I feel like I should be doing? So I think values are really, really helpful with that. 

Missy: Yeah. And I think we’ve talked about it a little bit in terms of allowing yourself to just get real. Kind of that next step. And this whole book that we’ve been working through, um, is once you know all [00:14:00] this, you need to learn to love who you are. So you know, these things about yourself, but it’s no good if you’re beating yourself up.

so kind of that next step we’ll talk about in today’s mini episode is the self-love. Did you have a favorite in this book? 

Susanne: Oh, I love so much of it. First of all, we were holding that for the people who can’t see it, we’re showing 

Missy: Oh yeah. I should. I often forget this is a, um, audio 

Susanne: know that darn podcast. Why can’t you see what we’re doing? So it is this self-love workbook for women. We had Megan Logan on a few episodes ago, and as promised, we are diving into the book a little deeper I’m here for the end of the year, because we think it’s so, so important, to make sure that you are loving yourself and feeling like you need to resolution yourself into a point that you can be lovable

you are already dang it. Um, so this workbook, again, we do not get any money for this. [00:15:00] Megan, does not get any money for. This 

Missy: This is just a fantastic tool to kind of get you ready. I don’t even know if we said we talked a lot about reflecting, but one of the things we’re really trying to do ourselves, and we hope you’re doing too, is use these next couple of weeks where you hopefully have some downtime.

I really hope for you that you do. It’s hard to find. I know, but to prepare yourself where you’re going into 2022. Not like, oh crap. Oh crap. Oh crap. I have to get all these things done. I need to resolve to do all this shit that I haven’t done before. Instead like know yourself and know where you fit in this world and what it is you’re trying to accomplish before you even start the year.

You sort of have yourself in a good head space. Um, so that’s why we wanted to focus on this. I don’t know if we say that explicitly, like we’ve said it a million times probably, but I don’t think we started the episode with it. We’re a little scattered.

Susanne: that’s okay. Because we have enough self love to know that that’s okay. [00:16:00] 

Missy: Love myself through the next few days of utter chaos.

Susanne: is our authenticity. We are authentically scattered, but so in the book, Missy’s going to go through some of the mantras for self-compassion compassion, but first I feel like we need to take our little quiz. Well, not our little quiz, Megan’s little quiz. Um, and for the sake of not getting any kind of, uh, trouble for.

Like, I’m not going to read you every single line. You need to go get the book. And again, Megan, because of the way her publishing deal was structured, she does not get money for this. We do not get money for this. The lovely people at rock Ridge press. It appears to be probably doing good for them because it’s a helpful thing.


Missy: rock Ridge.

Susanne: And there because of them, we now know Megan and have these helpful tools. So, um, so the self-compassion quiz, this is at page 58 for people who have the self love workbook for women, which seriously it’s like 9 98 on [00:17:00] Amazon. Not that I want to send people to Amazon. You can 

Missy: I know. 

Susanne: can find it at other booksellers.

He used to go ask for it at other booksellers, um, 

Missy: good idea. And ask for it. It’s the library. You don’t have to write in it. You just, you can take your notes, you know, on paper. Um,

Susanne: Oh, the mailman just came. So if you hear a bunch of howling in the background, that’s just my dogs ignore them. But some of those, some of the questions on the self compassion quiz, page 58, I allow myself to make mistakes And see them as learning opportunities. or no, or true or false it has. I allow myself to experience all my emotions.

Oh my gosh, Missy, that makes me think of you feel all your feelings,

Missy: all your 

Susanne: feel all your feelings when I’m lonely, I will beat myself up and tell myself that no one likes me. I want to, if anyone is saying true to that, I just want to come and give you a hug Right. now and just know that that is not true. not true.

but I know that, [00:18:00] especially around the holidays that I’ve been seeing a lot of, um, memes and stuff, like not everybody has family to be sharing this with.

This is not a happy time for everybody. So, um, this is especially important for anybody who’s feeling like they are being left out of this holiday. You know, even the things that We’re complaining about, like getting the things, ready, getting the meals ready. I mean, if that’s not even a possibility for you and you feel like either, maybe you’ve lost someone over the past year, going through divorce, just having a hard 

Missy: together because of the pandemic. Maybe half your family’s COVID positive right now.

Susanne: So there’s probably a lot of people feeling lonely, , and maybe having some of these thoughts. So I think some of the affirmations That Missy’s going to go through, and then also just, I mean, again, I know it is a luxury, even $10 is a luxury for a lot of people. Um, but I think that you will see a lot of value out of it.

Um, so highly recommend, recommend, [00:19:00] um, let’s see if I fail, I believe I’m not good enough. struggling and suffering are part of the human experience. Ooh, see, I would have been like, well, 

Missy: one’s kinda 

Susanne: I know that is tough. Cause I kind of feel like, Ooh, okay Megan, we need to talk through that one. Um, I punish myself for making mistakes. I must be perfect to be loved or good enough. And I am as kind to myself as I am to other people.

Missy: Never

Susanne: And then there’s Yeah.

there’s all kinds of scoring over here, depending on how many you answered true or false for ranging from URS self-compassion queen to 

Missy: try some self-compassion right now.

Susanne: Let’s try it right now. And then the kind of the last thing is, remember the three component.

To self-compassionate about being kind to yourself, recognizing the humanity in struggles and [00:20:00] practicing mindfulness. So 

Missy: Yeah.

Susanne: I think that those are good reminders. And so Missy’s favorite page 

Missy: Yeah. My favorite page. Yeah. It’s page 55. If you have the book, um, mantras for self-compassion and I would have probably laughed you out of the room a few years ago. If you told me to come up with a mantra, it just sounded a little woo. 

Susanne: I know 

Missy: all about the mantra now, because I realized, I don’t know if this is ever.

But I have a constant internal dialogue. I have heard that there are people who don’t have this noise in there. Fascinating. And I’m a little jealous of you, but I have a constant internal dialogue. It’s always going. I’m narrating things. I’m talking to myself about myself. Where does that movie where he’s like, I’m talking to myself about myself.

I’m looking at myself. I don’t, I don’t know what it is, but anyway, edit that 

Susanne: some reason, that just sounded like Hamilton, where you wrapping Missy. [00:21:00] 

Missy: were like,

but I do have this constant thing going. And I realized it was pretty negative. It’s sort of my go-to my nature. And so it would be like, I didn’t get that done today. You’re never going to get that done. You’re never going to check all your books, your books, off your to be read list. You’re never going to check all your chores off.

You’re never going to finish your projects, your blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. It was really negative. So now I’m all about the mantra because. It doesn’t take long to practice saying positive things. So I loved this page. I think our children start to learn it. And the social, emotional learning we’ve talked about, they start to teach this earlier in school.

I wish I had been taught this in school. Um, so some of my favorites are that I’m worthy even when I struggle, because I have always assumed I’m only worthy when I get it. Right. So I’m, I’m still worthy even when I’m working through this. my other favorite is my thoughts are just thoughts. They’re just in here.

They’re just thoughts. They aren’t real.[00:22:00] They might be about something real, but they are real. and then, what is important to me might differ from what is important to someone else. And that’s okay. There’s a whole bunch of others here, but these are three that I just love because I am a, I’m kind of a chameleon.

And I think Susanne may relate to this too. And we’ve talked about being Enneagram nines. We’re both people pleasers and there’s something about. That personality type, where you just sort of soak in and take in whatever is going on around you. so I will hear somebody talk about what really matters for an event for, how they want the day to go, how they think the job should be done, whatever it is.

And I’m like, oh yeah, that’s now important to me. And then it doesn’t align with my values. 

Susanne: Yeah. 

Missy: And then everything goes to hell in a hand basket. And so I have to repeat that to me. Like it’s okay. It’s okay. If what really matters to me is that different from what really matters to you?

Susanne: Yeah.

And gosh, along that same side. So, I mean, it’s very [00:23:00] much like us to kind of take that and internalize that it was, Oh, are we liking the wrong thing because of that? but I think there’s other people who maybe are. I don’t want to say overconfident and their values, but who want to take their values and put them on other people.

And they, so it’s the same kind of, it’s the same idea, but a reversed a little bit. Like it’s okay. If my values aren’t the same as your values. And, you know, cause I feel like maybe your values might be better than mine, but some people who think that maybe their values should be applied to other people’s lives.

And that can cause, I mean, that’s a lot of the mommy wars that is a lot of battles that people have as far as thinking that. Clearly you should think the way I do, because this is super important to me. Like, Oh, well maybe, maybe not 

Missy: I’m raising a person who is super confident in his values, um, in his ideas. And I mean, we have said since he was teeny tiny, since he could communicate, we’ve been like, well, he’s strong link. He knows what he wants. [00:24:00] He also knows what you should want, you know, like, it’s, you know, it’s something I’m trying to impart to him.

Gently is just what works for you. Doesn’t work for everybody else with the decisions they make are not going to be the decisions that you make. And that is okay. If we all made the same decision, it’d be a whole cluster because we’d all be doing exactly the same thing. And there’s just, that’s, that’s not how it goes.

Susanne: And that’s the extra important part of knowing your values and also having that self-love because there are going to be people like that, not like your son, but 

Missy: no, I mean, 

Susanne: in a hardcore way. Yeah. We’re all going to have bosses like that. We’re all going to have coworkers like that who maybe are a little stronger outspoken about their values and, and we need to be able to.

I guess stick up for ourselves, but also just self-love ourselves to know that. Nope, I know what my values are. I know that that isn’t mine, they can say whatever they want to say, but I know what’s true to me 

Missy: Exactly. And a lot [00:25:00] of that is inside work link. It’s not, it doesn’t always serve the situation. Stand up and make a stink about it and be like, well, that does not serve my values or, you know, or I don’t have to agree with you because my values are this. It might, I mean, I’m not saying don’t ever do that.

Sometimes you need to stand up in the middle of the room and say enough. But a lot of that is just internally being able to love yourself through it. And at the end of the day ago, I did this and I did this for a reason. And I know what that reason is. And it’s all going to be okay.

Susanne: Yeah,

And you know what, a lot of that’s going to come up around probably the holiday dinner tables, or if you are getting together with family or neighbors or whoever, who maybe know how to press those buttons, um, having the self-love mantras, this exercise, this self-awareness of knowing your values.

It’s just a nice, strong place to come to when you can’t go hide in the closet, go hide in the [00:26:00] bathroom. You can just take a deep breath and be like, I know who I am. I know what I value and you’re yapping is not going to make an impact on that to me. Um, so I do think that this is an incredible time of year, not just to set those intentions for the year ahead, but also it’s a little bit of patting insecurity and safety.

Um, emotionally, as you venture into these. People in people, in areas with people who have not peopled for a long time and even back when they knew how to people maybe didn’t do it. Great. So 

Missy: ready to say, like there’s some people in everyone’s lives who they’ve never known how to do this. I mean, including myself at times, like social interactions are hard sometimes 

Susanne: hard or 

Missy: even when you’re practicing.

Susanne: yes.

So I think those, we decided are the. First steps that are critical to do in order to really set into a new year, a new week, a new month, and this, you know, this isn’t [00:27:00] something that you’re just going to do once. Well, that was another thing that we brought up to, in several of the episodes that, you know, if you are having a change of career, if you have a change in your family structure, you might gain someone, you might lose someone.


Missy: Uh, your health might change drastically your financial situation, things change.

Susanne: Yeah.

And it may be for the good, maybe for the tough, but re-evaluating these values and really doing these self-love exercises can help through all of that. So this is not a, like, we’re going to do it at the new year and then you set it and forget it. Um, it’s a good idea.

You have, have your little values lesson and check in every once in a while and be like, you know what, now that. Maybe someone gets laid off from work or whatever. Okay. So what does that 

Missy: How does this change

Susanne: how does that change things? Or maybe you start at a new job. How does that change things? So take a look at it.

It’s a living document. Um, but it’s, uh, but [00:28:00] now it’s just a really good time as people are, you know, doing the resolutions, having this quote unquote fresh start for the new year. Um, now’s as good a time as any to take a look at it. So, 

Missy: So I think we’re wrapping our week one 

Susanne: Yeah. So this is wrapping week. One. First thing you go do go Google values, exercise or list of values.

Highlights. Pick your favorites, group them up together, pick a team captain from each of those lists, and then use that as your scaffolding, as far as, um, you know, really knowing who you are and the decisions you want to make. And it might even eliminate some of the people from that guest list at your holiday table, depending on how much they bump up against those values.

And then the self-love is to keep you safe and protected. From situation and also just feeling good feeling good, going into the new year, knowing that you are worthy and valuable [00:29:00] way before you hit any resolutions or goals. It’s wonderful. If you want to try to get healthier, you know, do exercise, get outside more.

but if you don’t do that, you’re still valuable. 

Missy: You’re still worthy. 

Susanne: And you don’t have to hit a particular milestone to be worthy. You are worthy and valuable today and all those other days that you do or do not achieve those goals so that 

Missy: really doing a look, listen, learn this 

Susanne: are we doing, uh, I don’t think we’re doing look, listen, learns. 

Missy: trying to keep them short.

Susanne: Yeah. we’re trying to make these nice and quick for you. So yeah. So let’s wrap it up here. And then Next week. what are we talking about next week, next week, which is technically five minutes from now for us. 

Missy: that, but for you listening or watching, well, yeah, listening, we’re watching, um, we’re going to talk about. Picking a word of the year and , how that helps us and then vision boarding, which again, like mantras may sound a little woo. But it’s got some, it’s got [00:30:00] some useful and then we’re going to talk super briefly about what’s coming up in the early part of the year, just for the show.

Susanne: All right.

So yes. So we will talk to you all next 

Missy: Yeah. 

Susanne: Good luck over these holidays. Um, 

Missy: If you’re celebrating, we hope it’s as great as it can be in a COVID year. We wish you peace and joy and a lot of self-love.

Susanne: And take that time that you need to go escape to your room, escape to the closet, escape to the bathroom, take a deep breath. You can do this and think about those values and all the self love exercises you can. 

Missy: Yeah. Oh, 

Susanne: See you next week. Okay. Should we do our fake wave? Okay. Bye-bye [00:31:00]