Tipsy Ellipses – with Special Guest Kate Strzinek of DomestiKateThis

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Welcome to our May Tipsy Ellipses episode. On the first of every month, we (Susanne & Missy) do a Facebook Live bonus episode. The show is (mostly) unedited and non-bleeped, so keep those earbuds in if you’re around the littles. To watch the live version, be sure to follow our Mom & … Facebook Page and join our private Mom & …. Community group. You can also watch the episode on our YouTube channel which features lots of bonus photos added in post-production. 🙂

Here’s a quick recap of our April guests – be sure support their books & products, which are PERFECT FOR MOTHER’S DAY!

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Tonight, for the first time ever, we have a guest on Tipsy Ellipses! Lucky you – instead of listening to us babble, you get to hear from our incredible friend, Kate Strzinek. Kate is a Mom & dot, dot, dot artist, interior design enthusiast, and plant fanatic. She lives in Round Rock, Texas with her husband, teenagers, chickens, and dogs. Kate’s evolving career path has included corporate operations management, couture sales & design, interior & landscape design & lots of volunteer fundraising.   She’s known as a home decor icon, curating items with meaning to turn houses into HOMES (of any scale).

Some important links that came up in our discussions:

Kate’s IG channel – DomestiKateThis

The Erma Bombeck Writer’s Workshop

The Wee Deli Miniatures

The Book of Mini: Inside the Big World of Tiny Things – by Kate Esme Ünver, creator of The Daily Mini on Instagram

Kara Kinney Cartwright – AKA Peyton Price / the Suburban Haiku, author of Just Don’t Be an Asshole: A Surprisingly Necessary Guide to Being a Good Guy

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Our delightfully happy intro and outro theme music, “We Will Get Through This” is performed by Young Presidents, and used under license from Shutterstock.