Mom & … Steph Barron Hall of Ask An Enneagram Coach

Listen & subscribe wherever you get your podcasts! FYI:  We use the word ‘sexual’ a couple times near the end of the episode. It’s not used in a graphic context at all, but within the discussion about the Enneagram. Just a warning, though, if you don’t want that word flying around the inside of your…

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Mom & … Enneagram with Jill Johnson

Subscribe Apple Podcasts Google Podcasts Spotify SoundCloud Stitcher RSS Episode summary:​  In this episode, we talk to enneagram enthusiast, Jill Johnson, about how to zero-in on our Enneagram numbers, and then how to put that information to work on our quest for self-knowledge and growth. Some of the Topics we covered this week: Enneagram Institute…

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