Defining and Creating Work / Life Balance, with Suzanne Brown

Watch The Episode at our YouTube Channel Episode 19: Suzanne Brown When her son was born 10 weeks premature, Suzanne Brown was still working a full-time corporate job. The plan was to continue in that role, but she quickly realized that things needed to change.  After negotiating her role down to part-time, Suzanne started getting…

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How to Set (and Enforce) Boundaries with Family, Friends & Co-workers

Watch This Episode on our YouTube Channel Episode 18: Justine Sones Boundaries. Got any? We don’t. Well, sometimes we have boundaries, and sometimes we feel bad about enforcing them. We’re learning. Enter: Justine Sones. If you have the time, we recommend pausing after everything Justine says, and just letting it… Simmer. Soak. Absorb into your…

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Mom & … Habits – with Jenny Remington

Episode 1.9: Jenny Remington, Habits This week is the second part of our conversation with Jenny Remington. Basically, we had a blast talking to her about StrengthsFinder and got carried away. The next thing we knew, we were talking about habits and realized we had a second episode on our hands. The topic of habits…

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